The Ultimate Showgirl Experience is the latest of many of Prestige Productions fabulous glamour products.
Hens will have the unique opportunity to become an actual Showgirl and have the photo to share, frame!
The Ultimate Showgirl Experience goes above and beyond in delivery. Here’s why!
The hen is not just sticking her head through a hole in a corkflute cut-out, nor being superimposed onto a digital image; the hen is actually WEARING an authentic, handcrafted, show costume worth $10000!

How does this happen?
Master showgirl and costume maker Marissa Burgess has created this costume for literally EVERYONE! It’s a one-size-fits-all garment so no discrimination of height, weight, colour, gender or even creed.
If you’ve always wanted to know what you’d look like dressing like a Parisian/Vegas Goddess or Victoria Secret Model this is your moment!

Doesn’t it take ages to get ready?
No! In the space of 2 mins, you are ready for the photoshoot of your life! The smart costume slips on and over what you’re wearing and the ENORMOUS backpack of jewels and real ostrich feathers is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. whatever you’re wearing underneath will vanish!

Won’t I look and feel stupid?
No! The activity operator is a professional showgirl will tend to you and explain the process as she dresses you. Your friend standby and support you and once ready, your poses will be guided. Beautiful lights will make your sparkle and the photo can be taken with your own phone or by a professional. You will EXPERIENCE how glorious showgirls look and feel on stage!

How does it fit into your event?
If your Hens Night is held in any venue, restaurant, penthouse, private home, poolside, party room of any kind The Ultimate Showgirl Experience sets up in a quiet corner with the costume and light on a stand. Even in resting position the costume lends Eye candy and glamour decor to the room. During the course of the event Hens can come over at will or in a prescribed event segment and be Showgirled one at a time while onlookers enjoy the process! It’s really quick! 10 people can be done in around 30 minutes.

How will it benefit my Hens Night?
Once the formalities are out of the way, have combined fun wearing and watching yourselves become the show! It’s about you! Cost effective and extravagant this activity provides hype, playfulness, burlesque fun, glamour and a photo souvenir unlike any other!

Comes in any colour costume.
Operated by one professional, friendly operator or double up for bigger crowds.
Requires about 2-3m2
Venue- preferably indoors or undercover.
Minimum room height 2.7m
Safety and sensitivity of users is covered.
Bump-in/bump-out time only 30 mins.