Roving - Meet & Greet

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Welcome to Country

We can facilitate a beautiful indigenous ceremony with respect for our traditional owners and

harmony of spirit.

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Meet 'n' Greet

Majestic showgirls artfully presented are a truly breathtaking way to commence an event.

Be flanked by these statuesque beauties! Colour schemes to fit most themes...

 But who can go past GOLD!


Celebrity Support

Ensure your celebrity host is heralded in true fanfare with a bevvy of glamourous  back up crew.

Theme to suit .


Showgirl Experience


Coming in September 2019 this, revolutionary Showgirl experience will be available!!!

Never yet seen in Australia we know the crowds will love it!

Hens night, birthday or your next corporate event, your guests will love it!

Little hint......YOU'RE the STAR! 



Tastefully presented contortionists are a great way of creating zing to a greeting point.

This 'live art' is both beautiful and captivating and great for a selfie!

Requires very little space and highly mobile display.


Roving Theatrics

Engaging, yet not invasive, we have a VAST array of roving theatre acts to propose for any theme.


Ranging from hilarious clowning to marvellous glowing giants, cocky hecklers or elegant mime. 

Never a dull moment n the crush!